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Article: It's around the corner! What to expect for Winter 2024.

It's around the corner! What to expect for Winter 2024. - Nobody's Princess

It's around the corner! What to expect for Winter 2024.

It's a cool Monday here in Melbourne (maybe you need a hoodie, brrrr), and I've spent today like most at the moment, head down, bum up, getting all the behind the scenes stuff ready for our Southern Hemisphere release. 

It's a pretty big milestone for NP - we're in our third year of being in market this year and we're launching with our new range of Bibs and Jackets soon!

If you've been actively watching the social pages, you'll have noticed that posting has been pretty quiet compared to normal. The reason? Everything has been slowly been getting finalised for the new release! One of the biggest changes is the refresh on the brand's look and feel and new website which has been slowly rolled out over the past few weeks. Have a look around, let me know if you find any weird things... I'm always keen for some feedback.

But the other busy thing has been getting the collection ready for release! I know there was a bit of talk around pre-ordering and the like, but the reality is, the stock is going to be arriving late May, rather than the early May than I had originally anticipated. A large part of this is due to me being STUPIDLY anal retentive when it came to the finer details of the new products, and deciding that getting the best of things like zips, buckles, etc, was waaaaay more important than having the product here early!

One of the big fails that I had to deal with - was these amazing IRIDESCENT GLITTER BUCKLES that I had planned on using on the bibs, which ended up being the most horrible quality on arrival. This meant having to quickly find something to replace them at the last minute which didn't help.

Apparently it was just too good to be true, but it's on the list for next year! I reaaaaaly want something amazing to match those iridescent zips.

Another was the hood grading... which... was an interesting process. And somehow got missed between prototypes. The problem that we thought had been rectified then reared it's head again on the final pre-production prototype which mean another little delay. Please enjoy this ABNORMALLY LONG hood for your enjoyment - which has now been 100% rectified!

But, enough of that! I know you're all just here for a read to see what's coming! And while I'll be trying to have them on the website in a week or two, please enjoy the unveiling!


So, what's it all about? Well, it's our Zali and Mila range and you know and love, in the same 3 leg lengths, but in super-cute, ultra-functional form. Our ski and snowboard bibs are still going to be available from a AU6/US2 through to a AU24/US20, and have been adapted with a butt-load of features to ensure they are better than any bib on the market!

The first feature that I ABSOLUTELY love, and you would have seen on our social media is the drop-seat on the back of the bib! It's been tried and tested by many, many bodies, and all the reviews are raving. It's an easy access zipper with a built-in storm guard, which means you can pee without having to get undressed.  

(showcased here by the lovely Cathy, one of our ambassadors' mum!)

The other feature I am loving is for all the big-tata girls out there who carry all their real estate up front! The sides of our bib still have our signature stretch panel on each side, but to accompany this, the bib also has a gusset on each side with a locking zip, which means you won't have to size up just to cover your lady lumps! I know a lot of women are sick and tired of having to loosen the straps to not be suffocated by their bib, which then leaves the bib hanging low - so it's time to put an end to it!

(please laugh at the irony of me trying to showcase this feature with my itty-bitty-titties)

And enjoy another snap of Jillian here in the Iridescent Gum colourway in Lake Louise a few weeks ago!

Alongside these amazing features, are a few others I will list, but will get more detail up onto the website once the product launches. 


Also featuring:

- Front entry with fixed straps - no shoulder slippage!
- Internal waist adjuster, so no need for a bib belt, or whatever that is...
- Built-in lens cleaner in the top chest pockets
- Still boasting 8 pockets on these bibs, all big enough for your iPhone 28 Mega Max Pro or whatever the hell it is these days.
- Did we mention 20/20K?


Now, OH. EM. GEE. If you've watched me complain online, you'll know I've got hips for daaaaaaays (the whole reason I started the brand and the pants), so to release this jacket is something I am sooooo stoked about. 

So, being a brand new product there is so much to talk about and I really can't wait to get all of the features on the website in detail. The biggest game changers are really to do with eliminating the need to size up! Any woman I've ever spoken to has always commented how jackets just don't fit in one area or another - and it's always the hips or the boobs. No sugarcoating it. 

So of course, it's time to fix that issue. The jacket has 4 external gussets on the chest, allowing the bust area to size up dramatically for the ladies with ample chests. Instead of simply grabbing a bigger jacket, you can discreetly open these colour-matched locking zippers as much or as little as you need to give yourself that extra room.

(again, the irony of me, the tata-deprived, showcasing this....)

And then, the other end of the problem - the hips! Instead of once again having to size up just to fit your jacket over that insane booty (MY TIME TO SHINE!!) you can simply unzip each side of the hem to give yourself up to an extra 14CM!!! (or 6inches for the US folk) of extra hem width. My goodness. You don't know how happy I am for this.

Look at this GLORIOUS hip space (if you need it) without having to sacrifice shape!

The best thing about all these gussets is that they are DISCREEEEET! It won't be obvious you've made adjustments, the whole world won't see it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but we all know it's disheartening when people can see you've had to make alterations to your clothing just to fit.

And on top of this all - the inside of the jacket has amazing internal waist adjusters (just like the pants!!) to make sure you can wear the jacket as a slim fit if you so wish.

Oh, and while I am at it - broader shoulder ladies, the sleeve/shoulder design on this jacket, matched with the same amazing 4-way stretch material from the pants, means this jacket has NO resistance across your shoulders/back. I. AM. IN. HEAVEN.

Some of the other features of the jackets that I'll include in more detail later:

- 15/15K waterprood/breathable.
- Built-in lens cleaner
- Big pockets for all your iPads or whatever you wanna carry on you
- Vents that AREN'T under your armpits, because we're sick of asking other people for help. 
- Vents across the side of your bust and on your wrists.
- Lift pass pockets on both sleeves, because we don't mind if you're a lefty or a righty.
- Detachable hood, because sometimes you don't need it.
- Internal stretch panels and fleece-lined so it's super comfy.


I'm not actually going to talk too much, but please, enjoy.....

We're adding 3 new colours to the pant range - Apricot, Orchid, and Moss, as seen here.

And then, the breakdown for our Bibs and Jacket is like below.

Bibs: Black, Violet, Apricot, Iridescent Gum.
Jacket: Black, Aqua, Pop Block (Apricot, Moss & Orchid together), Lumi (our new pattern!), Iridescent Gum.

Annnnd, I think for the moment, that's a big enough update. Reality is it's 6pm and my eyes are hanging out of my head after spending a day coding on the new website (WHICH YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY GO EXPLORE), and while you're there - go grab a hoodie, it's getting cold!

Also, if you've made it this far - congratulations! You're one of the first to know that if you're in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada or the UK - you can now get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150AUD. :) Enjoy.

Lots of love, and many excited dances, Maria. 


So stoked to see all the new gear coming out! I need a new jacket, but I’m also super keen on the bibs, particularly in the Moss colour (even though I have a perfectly serviceable pair of NP pants already).

I’m looking forward to seeing your size chart for the jackets. I usually wear a AU size 12 for pants, but a AU size 14 for tops due to a combo of being large chested and having broad shoulders thanks to rock climbing.

Mel L

Free shipping in the USA! YAYYYY! Also bibs.


Hi Maria,
Thank you for the jackets! Looking forward to ordering one!
Not to add another project to your in-box, but it would be awesome if NP could sponsor ski trips (have somebody else organize them and brand them as NP). I would be stoked to ski with some like-sized ladies! :)

Maria Miller

I can’t wait to order my new pants and jacket – rather a little delay and they were perfect (love your work). First season in ages my curves will actually fit into my clothing and I can just focus on how much fun skiing is, and not feel self concious!


Yippee can’t wait for my black Zali bibs!!!



Anna H

So stoked to see the growth of NP and awesome expansion of the range! Keep up the great work. Much love from New Zealand.

Holly Norriss

Yay!!! So excited to see the new stuff for next season! And the free shipping makes this 🇨🇦 girl even happier. ⛷️

Heather M

Love your work, Maria! So keen to settle into a NP bib this winter!!

Melissa Henderson

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