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Article: Our snowboard and ski pants have arrived!

Our snowboard and ski pants have arrived! - Nobody's Princess

Our snowboard and ski pants have arrived!

Hi everyone!

Well, it’s the end of a very exciting week – last Tuesday we received the first part of our shipment and started sending out parcels all over the world. From memory there were parcels going to the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, and Singapore! For those that aren’t into reading long updates, I am going to put the nitty gritty of what’s going on here now. If you’ve been wondering “when is my parcel coming?”, then the below is for you.
Packing time at NP HQ!

Last Tuesday we received the first part of our delivery which consisted of about 24 boxes of pants. This included all pants in size AU12/US8 – AU16/US12 in the Short/Regular length, in both colour ways. We were not too sure what we were going to get, hence couldn’t provide this information sooner. What this means, is if you ordered a pair in this size – they aren’t far away as we are already nearly finished posting out all orders that match these pants that were delivered. In fact, a lot of people have already started receiving our amazing fitting snow pants and it’s been amazing to see!

We had CEO Koshi (right) and Quality Assurance Manager Cleo (left) supervising our packing. Sneaky supervisors!

So, where does that leave everyone else? NOT FAR AWAY!

All sizes/colours in Tall, and sizes AU8/US4 – AU10/US6 and AU18/US14 – AU22/US18 Short/Regular are just 4 weeks away. The rest of our shipment has already left the manufacturer and is on its way. As per the last shipment, we are looking at a 4-week delivery time to us (if all goes smoothly) so expect that we will receive our stock mid-April. We do everything in our ability to push out orders within the next 48-72 hours, so minimal delay to you all. I know you’ve all been SO patient, and I really appreciate it. Especially our Northern Hemisphere customers – I know it’s already close to the end of your season, and you may not get to ride/ski in your pants this season at all.

As always, if you’ve got specific questions, you can always reach out on to have a chat.

So, continuing on from this delivery – it has been super exciting to see the pants finally here in their fully finished form, and if anything, I’m a little jealous as I am waiting for mine to rock up in the next delivery (I need a Tall length!). It also means for anyone who has been hesitating on buying or waiting for them to be in stock, they are ready to go! We usually ship withing 24 hours!


It’s not all just been waiting for deliveries! Usually there is a lot of admin work going on in the background – but more importantly we had 2 fun events to attend to in the last few weeks also! A few weekends ago we attended the amazing Get A Grip Of The Grind festival in Bright, Victoria supporting women who want to get out of their comfort zones and learn more about themselves both mentally and physically. Nobody’s Princess supported the ‘Queen of the Brave’ award, celebrating the woman who really stood out over the weekend for really pushing herself as nominated by the others participating.

Our stand at the Get a Grip of the Grid festival
It was so amazing to see that such an event existed and cannot recommend more attending the next one. The dates are already live for next year on their website! We had a little stall there (our first one ever) and it was so good to have a few ladies come up and talk to us about the brand and what we are doing.

The other fun little event was a photoshoot! While we were waiting for our delivery, we did have one fully finished Size AU14/US10 Tall pair of pants in our hands so decided to do a photoshoot to really showcase the versatility of the pants. It was so amazing to see the one pair of pants fit on so many different body shapes with ease and the main goal of designing these pants had become a reality.

Our beautiful Size AU14 models.
A big thank you to the amazing women who came to shoot on a very warm day – Lucy, Beverley, Linda, Ann-Marie, and Laura. It certainly wasn’t an ideal day to be standing in toasty warm snow pants but these women absolutely nailed it and we just couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

For now, I’ll leave the updates there and perhaps start focusing more on some of the features and other exciting updates that I need to write about in a new blog post.

Once again, thank you so much for your support, following, and patience as we start to see the end of Stage 1 of the Nobody's Princess journey. It only gets better from here.


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