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PANTS ON THEIR WAY TO NP HQ! - Nobody's Princess


It’s the update we’ve all been waiting for! The first part of our pant order has left the manufacturer!

It’s an exciting time – it means that the last 18 months of hard work, support, and waiting has finally paid off. Our manufacturer emailed us this photo yesterday, which is the first few boxes of our pants getting ready to be put on a ship and sent to our HQ in Australia!

The timeline from here looks a little like this – the pants have exited the manufacturer and will now make their way to the local port. The ship leaves on Tuesday the 25th of Jan. We cross all our fingers and toes that everything paperwork-wise will be ready to go for this ship - and worse case, we get on the ship on the following Tuesday.

From there its about 18 days of sailing to get to Australia, which is super exciting – and then once the pants land here, it’ll take about another week for them to be processed and clear customs. So, given that timeline and everything going smoothly we should see the pants in our little warehouse (garage, it’s a garage…) around mid-Feb.

We have all orders printed out, shipping bags ready – so as soon as we get the pants we can pop them in their bags, seal them up and get them on the road to you all! In Australia – it’s about a week for postage, and even to the UK we’ve had some orders arrive in a week, too!

To the US and Canada, postage times have been closer to the 2-3 week mark due to internal delays. We’re seeing parcels land within a week, and then local processing is holding up the delivery – unfortunately something we have no control over.

The second part of our order is going to be started after local holidays for our manufacturers and have been given a rough estimate to leave them mid-March. It’s not as soon as we hoped, but due to being a small fish in a big game, we tend to get overlooked a little with our smaller order size.

We know it’s been a rollercoaster with our expected times, and some people have doubted if the pants are coming at all – and we totally get it. From our Kickstarter to know, it’s been a rocky road. But we’re finally here – and although it’s a bit slower than we expected, it’s happening.

Thank you all once again for sticking by our side, waiting, and being patient – the good stuff is just around the corner! To those in the US and Europe, we understand you may miss out on getting some turns in this season, but we know you can look forward to the next season in snow pants that are comfortable.

As always, as we get more information and more updates, we will pass this on as transparency has always been the core of this journey.

From the beginning, to now – we are so excited as the dream for the snow pants that all women deserve are just around the corner.




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Can I just confirm what I ordered please?

Sharon Mitchell

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