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Article: December 2021 Pant Update

December 2021 Pant Update - Nobody's Princess

December 2021 Pant Update

Hey ladies (and gents if you’re reading, too)! It’s been a couple of months since an update and there is lots going on in the background that is why! But, as I know a lot of you are keen for an update, here it is!

Update from a business side of things, it has been exciting to be doing a bit of paperwork behind the scenes and to be able to share that Nobody’s Princess is now officially registered as a business, and is trademarked (early acceptance) too! This was cause for a small celebration at our end!

We’ve been busy prepping for our official launch in the US and Canada, too – getting some help with marketing so we can reach more ladies in the Northern Hemisphere. While the season has already started, we know that there are plenty of months to go…

Something else that has happened is that we received our production sample of the pants – and the last of the few pesky problems that we wanted to fix from the last prototype have been solved – safe to say, the pants are amazing! The biggest area for concern was that the crotch was a little too baggy for our liking – and this was because the gusset that we had put in to help ease the stress on the joins in the crotch, was not pulling in the fabric enough – but we made this a bit smaller and it has solved the issue, without losing that important functionality – no one wants to split their crotch.

With all this amazing news, there is a little bit of not-so-great news as well to go with this it pains me to say.

I’ve spent the last month or so talking to the manufacture about the timelines of production and we’ve hit a couple of roadblocks with our deadline. Our original exit date that was planned for the end of December has been pushed back once more.

This really has broken my heart, but there isn’t any way to sugar coat it. Covid has had huge implications on the timing of getting in certain bits of hardware for the pants – things like zips which were specially picked out to make the pants that little bit more special, amongst other things – as well as the manufacturer shutting down due to covid regulations, too.

So – what does this mean for you all who are so patiently waiting for our pants? They’re going to be a little bit later that we last mentioned. We’ve been told that we will get half of our order exiting from the manufacturer around the end of January (and the rest exiting mid-Feb)– which means a landing in Australia around mid-Feb onwards.

Ultimately – that means for those who are waiting in the Northern Hemisphere, we aren’t likely to get your pants starting at the end of February at the earliest.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry that things haven’t gone to plan, and I didn’t account for this – I wish I had built in bigger timelines so that when things did go wrong it wouldn’t have been disappointing for you. So many of you have supported Nobody’s Princess right from the get-go. And you’ve been waiting a long time – some of you since last September.

We originally estimated that the pants were going to be ready by this October – and then it got pushed out to December. Now, we’ve been delayed again.

What I can say – is this should be the last delay. We aren’t actually waiting for anything anymore, and this is just going to be pure production time.

I know a lot of you will be frustrated – god knows I am frustrated and disappointed in myself. So if anyone has comments, wants to know more, or just chat about it all – please, please email me.

I am always open to giving more information, and transparency in this journey is always something I have wanted because ultimately, all of you who have supported me with your pre-orders, kickstarter pledges, and indiegogo orders, are the ones who allowed this to happen, so deserve to know what is going on.

I wish I didn’t have to write this update, but I am really hopeful that I still have your support, especially knowing that while you may not get a full season in your new pants in the Northern Hemisphere – you still will get to ride or ski in them this year! Running a business, running a clothing brand, is all brand new to me – and I am learning every step of the way – but I do it out of passion, and I will get there, thanks to you all.

So, without dragging it on any further – I thank you again for your support, and will continue to post updates as I get them – hopefully something in mid to late Jan telling you the pants have exited and are on our way to us, so we can send them out to you.

I hope you all have a great 21/22 winter on the slopes for those in the Northern Hemisphere, pray for us in Australia who somehow are still getting the odd bit of snow in December (but nothing we can ski on!), and that maybe summer is on its way. Again, please contact me through email, our contact form, facebook or Instagram if you ever wanna chat or ask a question – I do my best to get back to you ASAP (unless I’m sleeping!)

Cheers, Maria.


No problems – you’ve done a TON of work to get here. Excited to see the first pants roll off the assembly line in the new year…. 😊


All good! Thanks for the update.

Miriam Cahir

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