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Article: Production has started on our snow pants!

Production has started on our snow pants! - Nobody's Princess

Production has started on our snow pants!

Hi all! It’s been just over 2 months now since our Kickstarter finished and there is a bit to update you all on! As of this week, the pants have officially started production with fabrics, hardware and the finishing changes signed off, and ordered. This is very exciting news for us personally and has been over 12 months in the making now – getting ready for the Northern Hemisphere to be the first to enjoy the pants once they arrive. 

We did have a bit of a delay signing everything off unfortunately post Kickstarter, as we had to wait a fair bit longer than expected to get everyone’s size order in. And it does mean it’s had some flow on effect to the production timeline.

Originally, we had planned to have everyone’s orders in within 2 weeks of the Kickstarter finishing, which wasn’t the case…. This means we missed our original production start window. ☹ And yes, that unfortunately means that we won’t see the pants as soon as anticipated. Originally, we were aiming for the end of October, but having just finalised the sizing for everyone, means that we are not likely to see the pants now until the end of December.

The reason for explaining this isn’t to single out people, or put the blame on anyone – in fact, we are putting it down to poor planning on our behalf, and having expectations that things would run smoothly/quickly post Kickstarter.

But that’s not the case, and it’s due to people having lives, not being around the answer and quick as we anticipated… and that’s an error on our behalf. But we’d rather explain it in whole, so that we have clear communication with everyone, and people know exactly what is happening, and why.

Transparency about the process and journey of making our snowboard pants and ski pants for all the ladies is something we’ve taken pride of. The good news is though, that the production process has started, your funds have now been handed over to the manufacturer, and things are GO GO GO!

The next part of the update is around the Shred/Waterproof hoodies. We also had some delayed to getting them out in our original July deadline – and this was predominately due to wanting to get them just right in terms of fit, finishes and quality.

We can say though, that they will be landing end of this week/beginning of next, so should hopefully start getting posted out by next week *fingers crossed*. For those who ordered hoodies on their own, they will be sent out straight away. For those who ordered them as part of the ‘Full Kit’ or the ‘Top & Tail’ pack, they will be sent out when the pants arrive.

 This is due partly to the shipping paid at the time, especially for international orders (everywhere outside of Australia), and then also due to ease of fulfillment – being a one woman show, just helps us get things done smoother and not have to stress too much with ‘part orders’ being sent. A big learning curve here while we set up better fulfillment process, but hopefully you’ll be patient with us. If you’d like to see your hoodie sooner, please contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

Something fun and worth mentioning is that two weekends ago we took the pants out to the snow again for what was probably the final spin for the Australian Winter, and had women of all different shapes and sizes in the pants! Size AU8/US4, AU14/US10, and AU20/US16! The weather wasn’t too bad at all and we had a lot of fun grabbing some pictures.

Adventures included being penguins down the slopes, losing a snowboard that then managed to get stuck in a tree, and losing a single ski which magically was found further down the run! We did celebrate the end of the shoot with a well-deserved cocktail at the Genny at Mt. Hotham.

Some further things to come, is a refinement of the measurements of the pants, and once we get them, we will release the final pictures of the fully finished pant, with all the right trims, zips, and buttons! Don’t be alarmed – the measurements will not be different, nor will you need to change your order – it’s more just a better way of presenting the measurements for women in the future to more easily work out their size.

Also – you may have seen on our socials, we’re looking for some women to support, and help support us in the Northern Hemisphere. Ambassador, influencer, whatever you want to call it – we want to really spread the word about Nobody’s Princess and the snow pants we’re making for women of all sizes.

We’re looking for women of any shape, size, or age – but the biggest thing you will need is to be active on social media. Ideally with 1000+ followers, a public Instagram account, and a love to help small businesses! We’re ready to look after the right women with some gear, so if you think fit the bill – please get in touch! Even if you’re already purchased, please get in touch.

That’s all for the moment, and we should have more updates in the not-too-distant future!

Oh, and the biggest thing – if you have women friends who ski or snowboard, and are looking for pants to fit big bums, mum tums, thick thighs and all those other silly titles for our amazing body parts – please remember to share! We want nothing more than to help more women feel comfortable and confident on the snow!

Lots of love – Maria.


I’m super stoked about y’all and will wait til the cows come home! This Yankee is so proud of ya! Winter is coming ❄️ ⛄️

Kat sikes

thank you…..

Joan Mikasha-Alexander

Hi Maria
As we can’t travel west to Perth to see our youngest daughter, we’re heading back to Val d’Isére where our trip was cut the day we arrived on the mountain. Imagine travelling all that way, pick up skis & tickets & a green light to ski the next 2 powdery weeks only to have the mountain shut in your face.
So as I’ll be a ‘Northern Hemisphere’ skier & one of the first to try the ski pants, I’d be happy to be an ambassador if I fit the profile. My insty is ginnyd808. When I have had an event or holiday, I’m my own paparazzi & flood insty/facebook with photos ;more just to make friends jealous of the amazing locations I’m having fun at 😂 But seriously if you think I’d be a candidate I’d be happy to help you out
Ginny Donley

Ginny Donley

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