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Article: 4th Prototype & Kickstarter

4th Prototype & Kickstarter - Nobody's Princess

4th Prototype & Kickstarter

Hey tribe!

As promised, here is the next update for round 4 of prototypes!

The pants are shaping up to be something amazing…. I am so excited to share this next round of changes and amendments to the pants.

This round of prototypes saw a lot of changes on some of the smaller things that I am getting finicky about, and some more functional changes, too.

Before I go into this – as we speak – there are just 6 days left to grab a pair on Kickstarter. Being a single person on a mission to bring you these pants, Kickstarter was the viable choice for raising funds. The amount I am raising seems high, but this purely covers my costs for production, shipping, taxes, fulfilment, etc. I don’t make any profit from this. It’s purely a passion project at this stage.

If you haven’t already – go pledge for your pair. You don’t get charged until we hit goal, and you’re showing me, and the rest of the world, that you’re keen to get into some damn good fitting snow pants.

So, on that note - let's get into the updates....


Three things with the pockets here! Last time we mentioned that we were not happy with the internal clip that holds your keys, so we have upgraded this to have a thicker and more durable elastic, as well as a stronger and easier to use parrot clip. Success!!

The direction of the zips has been changed on all pockets, so it makes is easier to close (less fumbling in gloves/mitts) and means gravity helps them stay shut! A small change that just makes every day use of the pockets easier – and who doesn’t like easily accessible snacks?

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the back pockets - originally stitching that finished the pocket edges was sewn horizontal, which gave us less room to get our hands in. A simple change to a vertical tack gives us nearly 2cm of additional room to get your hands in, easier to get a good feel of your own butt, because if you don’t grab your own booty sometimes, who will?

Boot Hitch
With the last prototype, we had some issues with the boot gaiter hitch in two ways – the first being the strap being put too high, and the second being the cover being too small – making it hard to do up the pop stud. This has now been resolved, and is easy to use.
Side Stretch Panel
When we replaced the side panel material with the stronger stuff (technical term), we noticed that the stretch was lost due to how thick the material was now. We solved this by widening the panel a bit which then gave us more play, and it worked a treat. These side panels now give you an additional 8cm of waistband should you need it, while still feeling snug and secure.
Boot Zip
Another issues that we didn’t mention but had to fix, was the zip on the bottom of the pant to extend the width of the opening. The original zip didn’t extend to the end of the pant, so this was resolved. Also – something to note is that on the final pant, the zip tape (black area around the zip) will actually be matched to the colour of the pant, and the final zip will be our amazing iridescent zip!
Logo Placement
A small tweak that we wanted to make that we didn’t mention, was the logo placement on the back of the leg – it wasn’t well placed, so we changed the angle to match the design lines of the pants… much nicer!


On this prototype, we sent off the feedback around the crotch and inner thigh issues we found. The crotch was a little too baggy for our liking and didn’t look that good, and the thighs were a little tight where we thought they could use some more space. Whilst this has been resolved to a degree, and looks a lot better, we were aren’t happy with it, and will be making another tweak before production.
I am SO excited to see this come into fruition – no more ripping the crotch of your snow pants! No longer will be having to search for snow pants by the terms “snow pants for fat women”, “ski pants for curvy ladies”, snowboard pants for thick thighs and big bums” and all those other crappy terms. We will just have amazing ski and snowboarding pants that actually fit women!
Expect to see some on-snow testing this weekend through our Instagram stories, we are getting our size AU8/US4 and AU20/US16 prototypes into some glorious bodies so you can see the (almost) full size range in all its glory!
Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook over the next few days.
And remember – we only get to go ahead if we hit goal on our Kickstarter, so get on it, pledge your pair of pants, and let’s smash the goal!
 Much love... NP/Maria xx

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