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Article: The 3rd Prototype Update

The 3rd Prototype Update - Nobody's Princess

The 3rd Prototype Update

Hey NP tribe! The long awaited update to the 3rd Prototype is here!

You would have seen images floating around on our social media, as well as our testing of them up at Falls Creek.

First things first - the pants have far exceeded our expectations in regards to comfort, stretch, fit AND warmth. The weather was cloudy, -2’C, with 50km/h winds that made it feel like -15’C according to the Bureau of Meteorology. I didn’t need to wear thermals, and was still warm all day - which I think was absolutely amazing!

Riding around, bending to do up boots and bindings, and general movement was great - the 4-way stretch in these pants is absolutely excellent - almost like wearing leggings - it was that comfortable!

Out on the snow for the first time.

Gemma showing us that s-t-r-e-t-c-h..

Following that, these are some of the things that were addressed in this prototype from the last update


1. Side Stretch Panel
We replaced the side stretch panel with a thicker, more durable panel - and it’s fantastic, but we had the opposite effect - we lost a bit of stretch due to how thick it is! We will correct this in the next prototype by widening the panel. 

2. Boot Gaiter Quality
The prototype has a much nicer quality boot gaiter, and we are happy with the result!

3. Front Gape in Pants
We revisited the pattern for the pants and have almost eradicated the front gape in the pants we had with the last prototype. Now we know we are on the right path, we will further refine this in the next version of the prototype. 


We are really happy now with the depth and placement of pockets, we just need to reverse the direction of the zips for the next prototype. We were still not happy with the clip that sits inside of the card/pass pocket, so we’ve asked for a stronger clip, so we can be sure that if you pop your keys on there, they aren’t going anywhere! 

Boot Hitch
We have the hitch strap for the bottom of the pants in place, but it sat just a little too high, as well as the pop stud on the back of the pants being a little too tight for good accessibility - so we will be fixing these issues in the next prototype.

We were able to get a sample of the ‘tall’ length of pants, and felt that a few extra CMs would be added for these, to accommodate the taller babes! 

Showcasing different leg length...

Our Maroon colourway!

You would have seen on our socials, we will now be adding a 2nd colour - MAROON - to our order, ready for our Kickstarter that will launch soon, this was the most popular colour chosen on our survey which had over 1500 responses!

(The Red shown here is purely a test sample, the Maroon is the actual product colour)

Belt Loops
We are moving the front belt loops in a little closer, so that if you do need/like to wear a belt, it will not let the belt buckle ride up, which we have found happens with traditional pants.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be able to bring you more and more information about the fit, size guide, features and then, we will be launching our Kickstarter!

Also - the progress of our hoodies is coming along, including the finalised design for the hoodies! The shape is coming along nicely, and they are comfy as - I am sitting in my sample now! 

Sample of the women's cut hoodie.

Mock-up 2nd colourway with design.

We will likely have our next sample in the coming weeks, where we will have multiple sizes to showcase, including our size 8, and our size 22!

If there was ever a time to start spreading the news - now would be it!

Much love... NPxx

1 comment

Love your work.

Have you thought of a pocket in front of shin to put things which would bulk out normal pockets.

I have used shin pockets for trail maps, extra buffs, sunglasses, ciggys/lighters, lip balms, wallet etc. soo much better than resorting to a backpack.

Shaindy Haid

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