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Article: The 2nd Prototype Update

The 2nd Prototype Update - Nobody's Princess

The 2nd Prototype Update

Hey NP tribe! It’s long overdue, but totally time for a new update! If you have been following our socials, you would have noticed that a few weeks ago we got a 2nd prototype of our snow pants and it’s getting close. Soon we are going to have an answer for snow pants for curvy girls, ski pants for apple shape bodies, snowboarding pants for bums, and snow pants for thick thighs!

The first thing I did was grab a few of my closest girlfriends and forced them asked them to try the pants and get some honest feedback. I am a no-bullshit kind of girl, and my friends are the same. The prototypes have been made as an Australian Size 14 (US/Canadian Size 10) and all of my girlfriends ranged from a Size 12 to a Size 16, and of different body shapes.

What was amazing to see, was that these pants adjusted and fit them all. Albeit a bit small for some, and a bit large for others, the shapes were well covered when it came to the waist, adjustability, and covering le bum and tums! The normal parts of the process are that there were things we weren’t that happy with, and will be getting fixed on the next round.


  1. The side stretch panel just wasn’t durable enough! This panel is what is going to help you get these pants over your thighs, hips and tummy. We want these snow pants to fir your body well, and at the moment this type of material we had been using just didn’t make the grade! We are going back and looking for a stronger, stretchier type of material, perhaps like a lycra to really give you that give, movement, but more importantly, that support when you need it.

  2.  The material used for the boot gaiter wasn’t of the best quality! We’ve sent it straight back to that it can be upgraded to a more premium material – the current one felt like it could rip really easily.

  3.  There is a bit of a gape still in the front of the pants. It is MUCH MUCH better than it was, thanks to the help of a specialist pattern maker. We have put more room into the backside and hips, and just need to refine it a little further. This also means the rise is currently a little too high, and the waist on these pants are sitting too high for our liking. An easy fix though, and hopefully will be perfected with the next ones.

stretchy panel in snow pants for fat women

boot gaiters

snow pants ski pants for women with big hips


But, of course, there were MANY great wins with this round of prototype!


  1. The length we have now is PERFECT for our shorter skiers and snowboarders needing pants. We tested these pants on friends that were ranging from 5’2 to 5’5 and they worked well! In the same breath, we put these pants on a few girls who were 5’10+ (myself included!) and now know the perfect length to make our tall length snow pants! No more ankle freezers for my tall skiers and tall snowboarders!

  2. Pockets! Pocket sizes were increased, and they are great! You can pop keys, ID cards, lift passes and the like in these side leg pockets with ease, and they even have a small clip for keys etc so they don’t get lost! The back pockets need a bit of a tweak as some stitching was missed down the sides, but as these a primarily there for looks over function, we are pretty happy with them!

  3. Thigh fitment – this prototype had an increased hip and thigh circumference as we found the previous version a bit tight and movement-limiting, and these issues are now gone! The full stretchability of these snow pants are now in full function, and we love< them. These pants are shaped nicely, with stretch, without having to be skin tight. These pants will fit somewhere between a regular and slim fit.

  4. The waist adjustability! We keep banging on that these pants are going to be perfect for waists and hips of all shapes and sizes, and we are happy to report that they really are! You can see on our socials that they have a lot of play in the tightness of the waist due to the system we have in place – no more bunching up like other snow pants, we’re going better than just some Velcro tabs!

  5. The back vents are sitting really well, and when open are working well! Simple as that!

snow pants for short people

snow pants for big bums

snow pants for apple shape and big belly big tummyvents in snow pants for curvy women

From here we are now just a few more weeks away from the next prototype, which is super exciting, and we are now even looking into a second colour to produce – we’ve had so many people ask for it, so we want to see what you want!


Remember if you want to pre-order our pants, the funds help us get our initial order out which is due in August! You can always change your mind on our sizing, we will be double checking all orders before they are produced!

Something else to know, is that you need to keep your eyes peeled on our socials – we will be releasing some new products ready for winter soon! We are looking at hoodies, and some brand-new designs ready to wear out on the slopes this winter!

Thanks again for everyone’s support so far – we couldn’t do it without you! Another update on our best fitting snow pants for women, ever – soon!


I am SO excited about these pants!!!! I’ve been back skiing for 3 years now and as an apple shaped size 20, it’s been next to impossible to find pants!!!! Hopefully I can get my pre-order in while they’re on sale!!!

Kate Lambley

This is so exciting! You guys rock. Looking forward to hoodies too, hopefully with big hoods but not too straight in the body for us hipped ladies. I love tall hoodies but can’t wear them 😔


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