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Article: First Prototype has Arrived!

First Prototype has Arrived! - Nobody's Princess

First Prototype has Arrived!

Hi Tribe!

Well, some very exciting news – this week we received our very first prototype in our hot little hands! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. It’s so amazing that we’ve been able to get a real, to OUR and YOUR specification, pant ready to trial.

Back view of the Nobody's Princess snow pant prototype.

(shout out to Mumma NP a.k.a Maria's Mum for being a model)

As expected for a first prototype, there is a bit to tweak and change for the PERRRRRFECT fitment, but everything is pointing to a special and unique pant.

To remind you all, some of the features we have put in include some great placed pockets, super stretchy fabric, heavier insulation in the back of the pants (so you don’t get cold on a chair lift!), a hook system for cinching in the waist, and, a higher waistband at the back (so there is no bum crack!)

These snowboarding and ski pants are going to be amazing once we finalise them.

So, in full transparency, some of the things we weren’t 100% happy with yet, and are going to be fixed/made better… We want you all to be involved in the process, and see the journey.

The rise on the pants was a little long, which meant the fitment over the hips wasn’t quite where it was meant to be. But it’s something that we will be making sure is address as this fitment is imperative to giving the range of motion/flexibility in the pant.

The boot gusset was a touch on the smaller size, which was OK for our skiing girls, but could be an issue for those women who snowboard and tend to have a chunkier boot. We are going to open these up even further to make sure it is easy to get on and off over your boots regardless of the way you choose to get down the mountain.

Size of the pockets – we have placed some handy pockets down the sides of the legs as per your requests, and we felt that even thought these are made for storing things like cash, lip balms, credit cards and, licences, we needed to make them a bit bigger and just tweak the placement.

Our side panels of super stretch material worked really well, but we just had a small issue with some stitching in the wrong place, so we will be changing this because we don’t want stitches breaking when you put on your pants. But this panel is a game changer – we loved how easy it was to pull the pants over our hips and not having to struggle!

(side panel is white as a sample only)

There are also a few other small visual changes we are going to make, more about panel placement and design features – but overall, the quality of the make of the pants was fantastic, we can easily see ourselves out on the slopes enjoying the slopes in these pants.

We are super confident about the finished project and how it is going to be a game changer for women who snowboard and ski all over the world. We are so happy to be able to offer a solution for women of all body shapes and sizes when it comes to snow pants.

If at any point you ever have any questions, you can always email us at, and we will reply!

And if you haven’t yet – you can pre-order our pants
at a great online-only pre-order price here.

We will have another update soon – but until then, we hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, and to all those in the Northern Hemisphere – have an amazing time out on the snow!

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