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Article: The industry is screaming for better fitting ski and snowboard pants for women.

The industry is screaming for better fitting ski and snowboard pants for women. - Nobody's Princess

The industry is screaming for better fitting ski and snowboard pants for women.

The industry is screaming for better fitting ski and snowboard pants for women.

I know that the above statement isn’t exactly breaking news. Women all over the world, through Facebook, through forums like and, through Instagram, and of course through our own personal circles, all talk constantly of this.

And of course, the success of our own brand over the last 24 months has been an amazing indicator to the importance of this need… women were so keen for better fitting snow apparel that they were willing to put their money on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo with nothing more than a concept and a promise.

The biggest reason I wanted to write about the topic though was due to our recent experience at the Snowsports Industry of Australia trade show. This is the yearly show where all brands meet with Australian retailers to well… sell their goods! #bosslady #femaleentrprenuer #ihatehashtags

For me, it was such a huge milestone to be able to attend this event and start to get a feel of what the ‘business side’ of things looked like.

What I found was amazing.

A room full of people comprising of brands, retailers, resorts, and industry folk, that were more interested in collaborating rather than competing – and as a brand that is essentially the smallest fish in a big pond, that was certainly a huge relief.

Our little stand was powered by all the wonderful people who had left reviews on our website. Yup, I spent a fair few hours writing up your reviews on the wall in plain sight for all to see – I figured the best way to sell the pants to potential retailers was to give them the one thing they wanted to know… are they worth the hype? Yes, yes, and yes – and they loved reading it, too.

SIA Trade Show for Nobody's Princess

We had industry women who live and breathe the snow life, from all over the country come in and try on the pants on the stall, and the best two things about that was:

  1. I could give women ski pants in their actual size, and when they tried them on - they fit. Having snow pants that were true to size, and to test it in such a meticulous audience was amazing. I held my breath a few times, but the pants pulled through time and time again. I should stop doubting what I’ve created (imposter syndrome anyone?).

  2. Women who were trying on the pants regardless of their size were loving them. The size 8’s were exclaiming on how amazing the snow pants were, and the size 22’s were in awe of such a high quality ski pant that actually fit them. I was able to drill in the concept that it wasn’t just about size range, it was about shape and fit too. (But actually, having these ski pants that fit petite women, to plus size women is freaking amazing too).

Women on Stand Nobody's Princess

But the most interesting part of my days at the expo wasn’t so much about discussing sales and orders, or even going through the features of the pants themselves… it was learning from these shop owners just how much of a gap really does exist in the industry. The frustration, hurt, and heartbreak they are experiencing from women coming into their stores and walking out empty handed.

And at first that might seem like a bit of a cash grab – that they were sad they lost the sale, but it wasn’t that at all. These men and women were just feeling helpless because day after day, woman after woman, they were seeing the same thing happen again and again... women being broken because they couldn’t help them.

These shop owners were likening it to having to tell someone that their loved one had passed away.

Having to tell women:

  • we don’t have anything that fits you
  • we don’t carry your size
  • you must buy 3 sizes up to fit
  • you’ll have to try on men’s pants (yuck!)
  • you’ll have to get something custom made
  • pants your size don’t exist

Over, and over, and over again.

They HATED having to deliver that news.

They hated how they could see their face drop, their body language change. They can tell that that woman’s internal monologue just kicked into overdrive. There are tears, there are cancelled travel plans, there is anger.

These women were defeated. And those shop owners were the ones who had to bear that news.

And they had to experience this day after day, customer after customer – and, all they wanted was to put a stop to it.

Having been a woman in this situation multiple times (and here’s proof of my defeated changeroom face at a store a few years ago), I totally get it.

Maria Sad Nobody's Princess

I told them my story, they concurred.

And it occurred to me that not only is it the women who participate in skiing and snowboarding that are needing better plus size snow and ski pants, or even better fitting snow pants in general, but it’s the industry who realise this need and are so desperate for a solution. And they’ve never been listened to by other brands.

And that was a new point of view for me.

To see that the stores that serve us women actually give a shit, and it had an emotional impact on them too was heartbreaking for me all over again – but in a happy way? If that makes sense.

One of the most profound comments came from a father and son owned store whom I had the pleasure of meeting and taking through the pants and their features. I was putting away some pants as they discussed the gear they had just seen, and the comment that came out of the father’s mouth was…

“We should just wipe out our women’s range and stock nothing but these – we’ll be able to help those 100’s of women who walk out sad.”

And for me, hearing that come out of the mouth of a late-60’s man was just mind blowing. He cared. (And look, I’m sure he was thinking of sales too – but there was certainly a genuine tone to his statement.)

The industry is screaming for better fitting ski and snowboard pants for women. And I am just so, so thrilled that from this trade show, I am going to be able to continue my vision into next year, to help women get into comfortable snowboard pants, and I am going to be able to do it on a larger scale.

A comment that came out of my mouth a lot at the trade show was “I can’t do it alone” - and it’s true. I am just one woman and my potential alone isn’t that great compared to the network of support I’ll have from getting these pants into more and more retail stores. And for me, my main objective always has and always will be to help change more women’s lives, their snow experiences, and their confidence through one amazing pair of ski pants.

So for me, having these pants in as many stores as possible is the goal, because it makes them all that more accessible for you – the women who love to ski, the women who love to snowboard, the women who love to play with their kids in the snow, the women who love to spend their time on the slopes… but more importantly, the women who struggle to feel comfortable, the women who struggle to move freely, and the women who struggle to love what their body can do – all because of ski and snowboard pants that don’t fit their wonderful bodies.

And in that, after Nobody’s Princess’ first ever trade show (and a quick trip to New Zealand), I am so excited to be able to share that we will be having retailers stock our range of pants in most states of Australia, and in some areas across New Zealand too.

I’m genuinely excited that it will become easier for women to go into store and try on these pants, and pick them up at short notice, and have an amazing time at the snow – be comfortable, be confident. I am so happy that I am able to make it easier for women of all shapes and sizes be able to get into the snow apparel they deserve.

As always, a big thank you to the people who continue to support me and my dream – because I am just one of you, a women who was sad, defeated, and over crappy fitting ski apparel.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk, until next time.


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and for the older grandmothers who love to take their grandchildren outside to play in the middle of winter (even if there is no actual snow) 🤪


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