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Article: What's coming in 2023!

What's coming in 2023! - Nobody's Princess

What's coming in 2023!

We're so exciting to be finally re-stocking our amazing snow pants in late April 2023.

After having no idea about how our first year in the market would go, we sold out of a lot of our pants extremely quickly (even before the Southern Hemisphere season was over!) which left a lot of you asking when we would restock! 

So, a quick summary of the things to expect when April arrives!


Our snow pants will now be available from a size AU6/US2 through to a size AU24/US20. You asked for a larger size range for both bigger and smaller bodies, so we are expanding the range as best we can as a startup entering their second year.


We stuffed up last year, we released two lengths, a 'short/regular' and a 'tall' and this was not enough. We realised very quickly that this 'short/regular' length was more of a 'regular' length and it was the first thing to rectify on our next release. This year will see us having true 'short' length with a 69cm (27inch) inseam. Our 'tall' length will be slightly revised and be available from size AU12/US8 to AU24/US20.


While we were SO HAPPY with the pant we released last year and the ability it had to fit more women with it's adjustability, we realised we missed a portion of the market too - women who were more 'rectangle' or 'apple' in body shape - those who didn't necessarily need the extra room in the thigh or bum or hip, but needed a pant that accommodated their belly or leaner body shape. In April we will be introducing our new MILA snow pant - made specifically for those ladies who need a thinner hip/leg and more room around their mid-section, or those ladies who have a slimmer body profile. 


There were a few things we didn't get 100% right on last year's release, so we have updated a few of the features of our pants for this year's release which includes all pockets being lined with microfibre so they are stronger and warmer, thicker zips in the front fly for extra security, stronger pop studs on the front closure to prevent 'popping open', as well as a double hook on the closer to add extra security. A few other things too, like moving the key clip from the left pocket to the right, and, adding in addition width in the stretch panel on each size for sizes AU18/US12 and up for extra comfort.


We want to make shopping online as easy as possible, we will be implementing a new and more informative sizing guide, body-shape fitment system as well as videos and tutorials on how to purchase the perfect pair of pants.


Across Australia and New Zealand, we will have an array of 25 stockists so you can go in and try-on and buy your Nobody's Princess pants locally. We are so excited to release the details of this, and of course, if you're keen to see these pants in your local store - tell them, and tell us. We can't wait to stock in the US and Canada also, but need your help!

Pre-orders will be opening soon, so you can grab your pant in your style, size, and length to ensure you don't miss out. We anticipate they will sell out fast again, so make sure you're on our email list to get updates as soon as they open!


Cant wait to see when the Bibs will be available. Fingers crossed for northern hemisphere winter?

Bronwen Graham

Hands down the best ever ski pant I’ve ever worn. As a petite woman the struggle is real. Finding quality, stylish ski pants for curves has always been problematic until now. Why would you go anywhere else for ski pants!

Fay Forder

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