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Article: Welcome to the tribe, and a big thanks to ours.

Welcome to the tribe, and a big thanks to ours. - Nobody's Princess

Welcome to the tribe, and a big thanks to ours.

It’s here! After months and months of work on the back end building this website, doing photoshoots and, tweaking products, we’re live and online – ready to sell some of our merchandise which will ultimately be supporting us to make the best fitting snow pants, ever.

Designing has started on our snow pants but it’s going to be a long journey. It’s going to take a while to get them right, in fact, it took us a while to get us to where we are now and it has made us reflect on the qualities and values we hold as Nobody’s Princess. A large part of that is about community and ‘tribe’ which ultimately is the backbone of what we are doing.

With out your tribe life is a lot harder and the journey is bumpy, especially when you’re trying to launch a brand as ambitious as this one! We’ve been pulling out all the stops when it comes to networking, learning and, promoting our cause, and we’re eternally thankful! Something we are striving for is inclusivity in all aspects of what we do.

Getting to the place we are today wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for a few select people, brands and companies. They’ve helped us out in many ways: promoting our survey (if you haven’t done it, click here!), being our models for photoshoots, taking our photos, giving us tech advice, sharing information about the industry, and being supportive on the days where we weren’t sure if we were heading in the right path.

So in no particular order… firstly a big thanks to our snow pant designer who has chosen to remain anonymous – a lot of what we are doing just would not be possible without you. And secondly to our amazing photographer Raymond Korn who has worked with us during Covid-19 and made getting photos taken, possible.

A big thank you to Miranda, Gemma, Jess and Jemma (these sexy ladies below!) for helping to model some of the Nobody’s Princess snow apparel we are selling – it’s been hard to organise, especially during the whole Covid-19 debacle, but you all made it super easy for us and we are eternally grateful.

Miranda & Jess Gemma & Jemma

Thank you to both Carson from Shaka Snow Co. and Matt from Slug Skis for the chats, help with getting launched, the sharing and promoting on Instagram and just general awesomeness of being open and willing to chat about all this snow and business – its meant a lot.

Abigail from Schusser Threads (who has amazing hand-made snow wear) has been open, excited for us and helpful with providing us with material samples and know-how in the fashion/apparel industry, thank you for your support and conversations.

Thank you to Mon Balon from Plus Snow and Rachael Oakes-Ash from Snowsbest for their insight into the snow industry, for answering multiple questions about the snow apparel world, and for helping share our survey and brand ideas with their networks. Both of you ladies have been invaluable and we are so happy that you have been willing to support me.

And last and not least, a thank to the multiple women that have answered our survey thus far, you’ve popped up from all corners of the world and we are truly thankful that you took the time to fill it out, measure yourself and provide us with some pretty intimate information – this is all going to good use (our designer is SO happy with the info) and will help us make the best fitting snow pants, ever – just for you.

Of course, this isn't everyone - there is family, friends and everyone in between who have been listening to ideas, sharing our Facebook posts and, providing support through chatting and listening to us ramble off ideas, that are equally important, but there are too many to name.

So now, this marks a new beginning for Nobody’s Princess – next update will be on the process of our Snow Pants, and where we are at.

Again, thank you for being here on this website, supporting this cause. Welcome to our tribe.

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