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Article: Why we're doing what we're doing.

Why we're doing what we're doing. - Nobody's Princess

Why we're doing what we're doing.

If you've read Our Story you'll get a bit of an idea as to why we've started this. 

The story is true, a ripped crotch on my brand new snowboard pants is what spurred this brand. And it's sad to say, that wasn't the only pair. The reason I had these new pants was because the previous pair I had bought in Queenstown at the end of 2017 had also done the same thing, alas, after a few wears at least.

Now, surely my overly lush pear shape derriere could not be the only one of it's kind in the female snow sport community, nor could I be the only person struggling to fit into most brands size "XL", when most of my jeans were a size 12-14AU. So when my friends saw the stress I was going through in order to find a pair of pants that fit better, they spoke up and chimed in, in unison about how they too, had issues. They'd lift up their jackets and show me the gaping in their backsides. They'd show me the inside lining on their pants ripped through. 

And this just fuelled my fire.

I think nearly every second sentence that left my mouth since that chair lift incident was "I should make my own pants". Every time I went into snow apparel shops, and complained to the poor sales assistant (who let's be honest, was probably only there to get a sick clothing discount) about how none of these pants fit, I would always finish with "I should make my own pants"... and they'd nod their head in agreeance, saying I wasn't the only customer they'd heard complain.

I sat on this idea for 2 years. And I don't mean, forgot about it until this year. I mean, I sat on it, questioned it, researched it. Took notes. Explored fabrics. Explored manufacturers. All while repairing the split crotches on my friend's snow pants.... and together we'd mutter.... "I should make my own pants".

Fixed Crotch

Fast forward to this year, and finally something clicked. It was actually a conversation with Jean-Francois from Alpine Nature Experience (who has vast experience in running a great business) that finally spurred me on to take action. I spent some time at Mt. Hotham this year working with him, and after seeing how he ran his business and how successful he was, being the same age as me, it made me realise there was no reason why I couldn't "make my own pants". 

So, once Covid-19 hit rural Victoria and forced me back to Melbourne, it's then I finally took action and began pouring my heart and soul into this business. My first moment of realisation came from posting on Miss Snow It All's Facebook group (which you should totally be on and support) asking about potential Brand Names for this business. Low and behold, the response was unreal, within a few hours I had hundreds of women giving me their input into not only brand names, but they pour out their worst features of their current pants, their pain points, their frustrations... and they cheered me on. 

They told me that it was an amazing idea. They told me how 'it was about time somebody did this'. They begged me to fix so many issues - and to be honest, I'm honestly surprised that no-one had paid attention to these concerns before. And you know what, from that point, with that support - there was no going back. There were too many people to let down - so the next day Nobody's Princess was registered, a domain was bought, and I started writing a 25 page business plan. 

And this leads me to the title: Why we're (I'm) doing what we're doing. We need this. We need to change the game. Change the standard. We head to the snow to have fun, socialise, energise ourselves with that mountain air. We shred and ski all over that mofo. And we are there for ourselves, we don't go for anyone else. We don't go to conform, we do it to express ourselves. We don't try to fit in, we go to be better than we were the day before. We are there for the snow.

If something so small (in the whole scheme of things) as our pants can ruin that, then it needs to be changed. Something you'll likely hear from me often either in person, or on the socials is that comfort = confidence. And I stand by that statement. If like me, you've spent your day on the snow wondering if your pants are going to split if you bend over, if you're going to get snow down your pants next time you fall; if you live in fear or doing up your bindings because your crotch might give out, or sitting in the lift chair hurts because that phone in your pocket is digging into your hips; if you wonder if you hit that kicker are your pants going to fall down 5 inches..... then this is why we are doing it. 

Those issues and problems SHOULDN'T be on the forefront of your mind every time you hit the snow, and having your mind focused on the wrong things ruins your confidence. It's the same as having a loose boot, or goggles that keep fogging up. Ill-fitting snow pants are hindering our experiences. Comfort = confidence. And confidence = fun. 

I want women to feel good on the snow, I want their pants to not mimic the pains of shopping for jeans, or make them feel like a baggy sack. I just want some damn good fitting snow pants. And that's why we're doing what we're doing. 


Ski pants that actually fit my body. I’m Emily Rahles Rahbula’s Mum and I know how hard it has been to get pants to adequately fit a disabled athlete. I am a sewer and when Emily was ski racing I got the job of shortening one leg as Emily is an amputee and a single leg skier. I am 70 now and I need ski pants that fit an older women’s body. Lots and lots of best wishes with your venture. It’s a product this is so needed. Go Girls..

Jean Jansen

Hi there, so glad you’re doing this. Could you please please make a line with a ‘high’ waist? (Long ago they were called a ‘regular’ fit). I’m long waisted and pants are the worst thing to find in a correct fit. I’ve had the same pair of ill-fitting pants for years now because I can’t find anything better.


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